Mueller Might Not Save Us, So Let's Get Ready for 2020

Did Robert Mueller save us from the Affordable Care Act being repealed? Did he end family separation? Did he win back Congress for us last year? No, it was YOUR loud voices and YOUR hard work. We can't count on Mueller to save us this time either. You know this - we are grateful to our long-time subscribers who have made resisting this administration part of your daily life.

Robert Mueller's special counsel report may be unsealed as soon as today. As a reminder, if any red lines are crossed - if the Attorney General decides not to release the whole report, or if the report reveals substantial evidence of Trump's wrongdoing - there will be a rapid response: **MoveOn’s notification system isn’t reliable. Be sure to include your cell phone number in your registration so we can notify you in the event of an activation.

However, it is very possible that the report will NOT contain new evidence against Trump, or any new path to impeachment. That does not mean that it's over. Other investigations against Trump and his businesses will continue, and we can continue to push Democrats to use their investigative powers to build the case for Trump's criminality and unfitness for office.


The most likely scenario remains that we will need to push Trump and the ideology he represents out of office at the ballot box. So while we are waiting on the Mueller report, please take one or more of these actions to get ready for 2020:

1. If you are able, consider making another small donation to the Unite or Die fund, which goes to the winner of the Democratic presidential primary, or to the fund that will help take back the Senate:

2. Sign up to write letters from your own home to voters by going to Their targets this year will include special elections and registering voters in 2020 presidential swing states. If you were at Seattle Indivisible's letter-writing party last week, you will be familiar with this tool!

3. Sign up for a NextGen text-banking shift to get voters out for an important Wisconsin state supreme court election next week:

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