Get Florida voters registered!

Andrew Gillum, former Mayor of Tallahassee and Florida’s 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, is running a voter registration drive that aims to register 1 million new voters by next year. Gillum is launching this effort through his organization, Forward Florida, which advocates for voter enfranchisement, healthcare as a right, a $15 minimum wage, banning assault weapons, women’s rights, and climate change.

Gillum caught national attention in the 2018 Gubernatorial race after losing by only a half a percentage point. He mobilized a lot of Democrats in Florida and is hoping to do so again in 2020 to help defeat President Trump’s re-election bid. The more Democrats who turn out to vote against President Trump in 2020, the better - and Florida is one of the key states that we should be focusing our efforts on.

To do this, Gillum and his team at Forward Florida will need a lot of help! Sign up to help the cause this weekend. Phone calls, texting, and digital outreach are great ways to be remotely involved - phone banking and text banking systems are very easy to navigate from your own computer!


Sign up to help here:


Information on Forward Florida:

Pod Save America* interview with Andrew Gillum:

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