Support a Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

We’ve been doing it in Seattle for a while – foregoing single-use plastic bags in favor of paper bags or thicker, more reusable plastic bags, for a small fee. Now the State Senate has just passed a bill that would make the plastic bag ban statewide! If the bill makes it through the State House, businesses across the state would charge $0.08 for paper or reusable bags, instead of distributing single-use plastics. People using SNAP and other assistance programs would be exempt from this fee.

Moving away from single-use plastics is a small but tangible way to care for our environment and protect our future. Let your Washington State House Representative know that you want them to vote yes!

ACTION: Tell WA House Rep - Vote for Plastic Bag Ban in Washington!

Look up your State House Representative and their contact info on the Legislative District Finder at

Or, call the Legislative Hotline, 1-800-562-6000 (TTY for Hearing Impaired 800.833.6388). When you call the hotline, staff will determine who your legislators are, take down your message, and ensure the message is transmitted to your legislator.


“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [PLACE] to voice my support for a statewide plastic bag ban. I am pleased that the State Senate passed SB 5323 on Tuesday, and I would like to encourage my House Representative to vote to make this bill into law! It is a small but important step toward protecting our environment and our future.”