Move these voting rights bills past the finish line

There are several bills related to expanding voting rights currently in the Washington State Legislature. The package of voting bills is being supported by the WA Voting Justice Coalition (WVJ), a coalition of groups working to improve access to voting rights in Washington. All of these bills are currently still alive, but may need some help getting past the finish line:

  • Provide prepaid postage for all ballots (SB 5063/HB 1209)

  • Enact the Native American Voting Rights Act (SB 5079/HB 1339)

  • Restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated voters under community custody (SB 5076/HB 1924) and require the Department of Corrections to explain the voting rights restoration process to Washingtonians with a conviction (SB 5207)

  • End prison gerrymandering (SB 5287)

Action: Contact your legislators in support of expanding voting rights.

Our friends at the Washington Voting Justice Coalition have generated a form letter to e-mail your three legislators (two Representatives, one Senator) to ask them to support this package of voting rights bills. Please use the form letter to contact them, adding any text describing your reasons for supporting the bills.

More information: The League of Women Voters-Washington has gone into more detail on many of these bills on their 2019 legislative agenda:

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