Should Washington Democrats have a caucus or a primary?

The Washington State Democratic Party currently uses the caucus system to allocate delegates to Democratic presidential candidates. Due to changes in the Washington state primary process, we now have the ability to select either a primary or caucus to choose delegates for Democratic presidential candidates. Even if we decide to allocate delegates via primary, there will still be caucuses at the legislative district to determine who the delegates will be.

The main difference in moving to a primary instead of a caucus is that there will no longer be precinct-level caucuses that determine how many delegates each candidate will receive from Washington.

What are the benefits of staying with the caucus-only system?

  • Caucuses provide a platform for mediation and discussion

  • Caucuses are administered by the Washington State Democratic Party and local party organizations

  • Caucuses create more connections and ways to be involved in the election process

What are the benefits of moving to a hybrid caucus-primary system?

  • Physical accessibility: Not everyone is able to attend a caucus and a primary could allow for more voices to be heard.

  • Opportunity for more involvement: A primary is conducted by the Office of the Secretary of State for Washington, which could be more favorable to folks who aren’t as involved as others and, again, allow more voices to be heard.


There is currently a comment period before the Washington State Democratic Central Committee makes a decision on which path to take. You can comment here:



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