Move on State Climate Actions!

We are just a week away from the end of the Washington State Legislative Session, so this week we're focusing on some progressive state bills that need a little extra push to get over the finish line. If these don’t pass both houses by April 17, they’ll expire for this legislative session!

There are three important environmental bills that have passed one house but still need a boost to get through the other. Today, let’s call our state legislators and tell them to get moving on passing the following bills into law!

SB5116 “Transitioning to 100% Clean Energy” – Passed the Senate, currently in the House.

Passing this bill during this legislative session would be an enormous win for the environment. This bill would phase coal power out by 2025 and entirely phase out fossil fuels by 2045. It would also increase investment in clean energy and provide assistance for low-income Washingtonians affected by the departure from fossil fuels.

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HB1110 “Low Carbon Fuel Standard” – Passed the House, currently in the Senate.

This bill would lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with gasoline and other transportation fuels by requiring fuel producers to ramp down the emissions associated with their products.

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HB1112 “Reducing Hydroflurocarbon (HFC) Emissions” – Passed the House, currently in the Senate.

HFCs are used in industrial coolants and foams, and their emissions are thousands of times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. Passing this bill would allow Washington to join California, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York in phasing out this superpollutant.

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Call the Washington State Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 (TTY for Hearing Impaired 800.833.6388). They will ask for your address, and leave a message for your state senator and legislators.


"Hello. I'm [name] from [city]. I'm calling in favor of SB5116, HB 1110, and HB 1112, which would transition Washington to 100% clean energy, lower the carbon fuel standard, and reduce HFC emissions. I am proud that Washington has been a leader in addressing climate change; now is the time to take drastic action. Please pass these bills before the end of the legislative session."