Push Democracy Transparency Bills Over the Finish Line

First, some GREAT NEWS: The Keep Washington Working Act has passed the House last night! Thank you all for advocating for this immigrant rights bill so persistently: https://twitter.com/CMLGonzalez/status/1116895718512287744


There is less than a week left in this year's Washington State Legislative Session, and any bills that don't pass both chambers by April 17 won't have a chance to become law until 2020!

Today we are asking you to tackle two democracy transparency bills. Since it is the weekend, we will ask you to leave a comment on these bills that will email your state legislators.

1. HB 1379 / SB 5221 PAC to PAC disclosure

This bill eliminates a loophole that allows concealment of the true donors behind campaign ads. These companion bills would close that loophole by requiring that the top donors listed be the individuals, corporations or nonprofits that actually contributed.

This bill has passed the House and is currently in the Senate rules committee. Please click the following link to leave a comment asking to pass this bill, and check the box that will send the message straight to your state senator:


2. SB 5078 Presidential Tax Returns

This bill would require candidates for president and vice-president to disclose eight years of tax returns in order to appear on the Presidential ballot. Trump broke with a decades-long precedent of candidates disclosing their tax returns and he turns out to have many conflicts of interest, so it is more important than ever that we have financial transparency in the Presidential race.

The bill has passed the Senate and is currently in the House Rules Committee. Click here to leave a comment and check the boxes asking both of your House representatives to pass it now:


Background information:



DEVELOPING STORY: We don’t have an action for you on this at present, but we thought it is worth being aware that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is receiving death threats tinged by Islamophobia. Congresswoman Jayapal spoke out against this Friday night: https://twitter.com/RepJayapal/status/1116904963958018049