Reject a Bad State-Level Privacy Bill

We have another state-level action for you today: a data privacy bill has been moving through our state legislature that privacy advocates say is dangerously weak, allows for the development of facial surveillance systems, and does not require companies to delete your data when you ask them. The bill has passed the Senate and is moving through the House. Here is more from the ACLU:

"Data is power in our digital society, and we cannot rely on corporations to police the ways that they manage and profit from it. Olympia is considering SB 5376, which was written by technology vendors to assure that they will retain control over the privacy of your data. The bill provides fewer protections than laws in California and Europe and allows for the creation of face surveillance systems without any meaningful safeguards against bias and privacy violations. Demand real data privacy. Tell your legislator to reject SB 5376."

Please leave a comment to your legislators opposing this bill by using the form provided below by our allies at the ACLU:

More background information on SB 5376: