Register Voters With Us in 2020 Swing States

Mueller's account of Trump's deeds, released this past week, demonstrated gross misconduct. Despite being constrained from indicting by Justice Department guidelines, he presented ample evidence that could be used by Congress to charge Trump with obstruction of justice. Despite this, Republicans are circling the wagons around their President and impeachment and removal remain unlikely. We know now more than ever that we have to take our case directly to the American people next year to get Trump out of office.

Action: Sign up to Register Voters With Us or at Home

To this end, Seattle Indivisible will be hosting its second Pizza & Prose Letter Writing Party to register voters at our next bi-weekly meeting. We will be using proven methods to help register new voters in 2020 Swing States, with the help of SwingLeft. SwingLeft is a grassroots organization like Indivisible that promotes progressive outcomes in races around the country. Join us on May 7, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Washington State Labor Council by RSVPing here:

Can't make the event? You can sign up to write five letters from home by registering at the following link:

If you are short, on time but you still want to make a difference, SwingLeft is also requesting donations to keep this registration campaign going:


Read more about this method of registering voters and the data behind it in this FAQ:

Read more about SwingLeft's 2020 Super-State Strategy here: