Break the Phone Lines for Mueller Report

Today, we are rising up in one Indivisible voice nationwide to demand the immediate release of the full Mueller report. A congressional panel subpoenaed the report yesterday, and it is crucial that we step up in droves to prove that the American people are behind the subpoena and demand to see the Mueller report. There are 10,000 of us signed up on the Seattle event page to participate ( Join us to flood Congress with calls and break the phone lines.

If after you call you want to go the extra mile, join the rally at Westlake Park at 5 pm today that's being organized to demand Mueller's report be immediately released:


Call your Congressperson to demand the full release of the Mueller report. Once you’ve made your call, log your call here:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: DC - (202) 225-3106; Seattle - (206) 674-0040

Rep. Adam Smith: DC - (202) 225-8901; Renton - (425) 793-5180


"My name is [NAME] and I am calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I am glad a congressional panel has subpoenaed the Mueller report – it is crucial that the full Mueller report, including underlying data, be made available to relevant committees in Congress immediately. It’s also vital that Representative [Jayapal/Smith] immediately investigate any and all efforts to obstruct justice and abuse power. Congress must uphold its constitutional obligation to do its job and hold power accountable."


DON’T FORGET: Comment on Caucus v. Primary

Today is the last day to comment on whether the WA Democrats will use a primary election or caucuses for the 2020 presidential race!

Comment here:

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