Attend Congresswoman Jayapal’s Medicare For All Speak Out!

The Daily Action for Wednesday called for folks to contact our State and Federal Representatives to urge them to support two sex education-related healthcare bills. This weekend, we have the opportunity to support healthcare in person.

Congresswoman Jayapal is hosting a town hall of sorts, a Medicare For All Speak Out, where she will answer questions on the Medicare For All Act of 2019 that she introduced and invite others to share their healthcare stories. It will be a great opportunity to ask questions directly and learn more about Medicare For All. Let’s keep supporting Congresswoman Jayapal and all the work she is doing to increase access to and equality in healthcare!

The event is at The Summit on Pike from 10:00a.m. - 12:30p.m., TODAY April 6th.

Unable to attend? You can still take action to support healthcare in Washington State! Comment in support of our state level pathway to universal care act and ask our state legislators to bring it to the House floor.


RSVP to attend the Medicare For All Speak Out here:

Comment and ask our State Legislature to bring HB 1877, which provides a pathway to a universal healthcare system for Washingtonians, to the House floor: