Tell our MoCs it’s time to think outside of the box!

In a major escalation, President Trump claimed executive privilege over the entire Mueller Report to keep it from Congress. Also, and this is the short version, President Trump has ordered all parties not to cooperate with any ongoing congressional investigations and the White House will not supply any of the documents subpoenaed by various House Committee Chairs. AG Barr has proven he is loyal to Trump, not the American people. This prompted Chairman Nadler to declare that we’re in a constitutional crisis and Speaker Pelosi to agree.

Trump and his allies are blocking more than 20 separate Democratic probes in an all out war with Congress. No President can just declare themselves off limits to congressional oversight, yet here we are.

So…what now?

Hold Attorney General Barr in …… Inherent Contempt!

Just because it’s been about a century since Congress used this power doesn’t mean now isn’t the perfect time. On multiple occasions, the Supreme Court has affirmed that Congress has the inherent right to enforce its rules, and even imprison people either to compel action or as penalty. The Judiciary Committee requested, then subpoenaed the Mueller Report. When the House votes to find AG Barr in Contempt of Congress, that in and of itself, just makes a statement. In unprecedented times, we don’t need a statement. We need action.

When the House votes to hold the AG in contempt, Congress should use its inherent power to have AG Barr arrested and jailed until he produces the full, unredacted Mueller report, including all underlying evidence, as was lawfully subpoenaed. Seem extreme? It is, however, Trump’s extreme escalation requires a response. This is absolutely within the legal power of congress AND perhaps the best way to get the report!


Please Call:

• Senator Patty Murray: DC - 202-224-2621 Seattle - 206-553-5545

• Senator Maria Cantwell: DC - 202-224-3441 Seattle - 206-220-6400

• Rep. Pramila Jayapal--DC 202-225-3106; Seattle 206-674-0040

• Rep. Adam Smith--DC 202-225-8901; Renton 425-793-5180

Sample Script:

"Hi, my name is [NAME], and I'm calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling to express my concern over the appalling power grab President Trump is attempting. Please tell [MoC] that they cannot let this stand, or we risk changing the country forever. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and has a constitutional duty to check the Executive. We need to see the full Mueller report. If congress does vote to hold AG Barr in contempt, I support congress using its inherent contempt powers to jail the AG until he produces the report.”


Resist Trump Tuesday!

Venezuela is going through a complicated moment right now. Join us this week as Sarah Brady breaks it down.

We will rally outside the Federal Bldg. with live music and our guest speaker from 11:45AM - 12:30PM, then we will go inside and meet with Sen. Murray's and Sen. Cantwell's staff from 12:30-1:30PM for a question and answer session as we do on the second Tuesday of every month. Come join us--all are welcome and we need your voice!