Take a moment for reflection & recharge your resistance-level energies

Since late 2016 when the outcome of our presidential elections put Donald Trump into office, we have been organizing, we have been calling for civil and political rights to be upheld in our country; we have been demanding justice for international immigrants who have been seeking asylum, and for the protection of immigrant families from intolerance and abuse; we have been speaking out on behalf of the marginalized voices in our communities, including LGBTQ people and minority and Native American people. Not only that, we have spoken out for environmental protection from Big Coal and fossil fuel exploitation, for Native American tribes’ rights to access their sacred heritage sites, and for women’s reproductive rights. We are demanding the enforcement of our Constitution, and for President Trump and his administration to comply with the legality of our Constitution and with the governing structure of our country.

It has been a long road. We might have given up before today. We might have fallen silent, ceased our phone call efforts, silenced our letters and emails.

But we have not.

We have stood together. We have continued to raise our voices in objection to the intolerance that has poured forth again and again from the President Trump and his administration followers. We have denounced the exploitation and inhumanity that Trump has attempted to impose on those who come to our shores for asylum and on our own residents who happen to be non-conforming.

It is in our banding together that our strength has been brought to bear. If it was only one voice raised in protest, if it was just one person who objected to the vile and destructive actions by this administration, we would have failed. Instead we have a bloc of activists and advocates all over the country rising from the cities and from rural areas to demand justice be upheld, and that our country live up to the standards of our laws, of our Constitution, and of the vision our country represents.

On this Memorial Day weekend we are remembering the service of those who have served in our military forces. We are also asking you to take a moment to reflect on your work, together with Seattle Indivisible. If you have called, if you have written an email or text to lawmakers expressing your opinion, if you have marched in the Science or Womxn’s marches, if you have spoken with a neighbor or member of your community to provide consolation and support in these difficult times, please know that you have made a difference. Without our voices the forces of intolerance and rampant self-interest would have won.

This weekend, please take a moment to reflect on your service in our cause together. Consider the difference that you have made as part of our advocacy and resistance effort. Give yourself credit for being involved and engaged. Each of us is human, with human limitations on our energy, and on our ability to respond to injustices. Please consider taking at least one action of self-care this weekend, whether it be talking with a beloved family member or friend, watching a good movie or TV show, enjoying the outdoors and beautiful weather, listening to music, etc. Recharge that well of compassion and vigilance to address injustices! We need to have you with us for the long haul, so please take good care of your emotional and mental health.

T H A N K Y O U.



Tuesday, June 4, 7:00 pm – Seattle Indivisible Meeting (1st & 3rd Tuesdays):

At the Washington State Labor Council in the Central District, 321 16th Avenue. This meeting venue is wheelchair-accessible, and can be reached by King County Metro buses 7, 14, 27, and 106, and the First Hill Streetcar.


Tues. May. 28, 11:45 am-1:30 pm - Resist Trump Tuesday Rallies (2nd & 4th Tuesdays):

At the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 2nd Avenue. The outdoor rally is followed by a meeting inside the Federal Building with Staffers from our lawmakers' offices.