Trump's Deportation Threats and 2020 Letter-Writing

In anticipation of the Trump administration's threats of mass deportation roundups this weekend, The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, a local coalition of immigrant rights organizations and individuals, has some urgent volunteer needs:

Hotline Volunteer Sign-Up:

Rapid Response & Deportation Defense Team Sign Up:

Accompaniment Volunteer Sign Up:

Donate to Fair Fight Bond Fund:

Upcoming Rapid Response Trainings:

Upcoming Deportation Defense Trainings:

If you’ve been seething at the injustices being promulgated on immigrants and refugees, this is a great way to express your indignation and to make a difference. Please sign up, if you are able! And/or please help spread the word about these opportunities to support immigrants and their rights.

More information:


Action: Sign up to Register Voters With Us or at Home

Let's not kid ourselves - as the incumbent during a relatively good economic period (inequality and cost of living notwithstanding), Trump is a favorite to win reelection next year. He has about a year's head start to campaign and raise money - and he just raised $25 million in one day after announcing his reelection this week.

But we are not waiting for 2020 either. Seattle Indivisible will be hosting its third Pizza & Prose Letter Writing Party to register voters this summer! We will use proven methods to help register new voters in 2020 Swing States, with the help of SwingLeft, a grassroots organization like Indivisible that fights in races around the country. Join us on August 6, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Washington State Labor Council by RSVPing here:

Can't make the event? You can sign up to write five letters from home by registering at the following link:

OR, if you are unable to volunteer but you still want to make a difference, you may want to help offsent Trump fundraising. Consider a donation (small or large) to the Unify or Die fund, which goes to the winner of the Democratic primary:


Read more about this method of registering voters and the data behind it in this FAQ:

Read more about SwingLeft's 2020 Super-State Strategy here:

Trump's fundraising haul: