Protect Bristol Bay Salmon

We have an easy one-click action for you today: please leave a comment against the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers' plan to loosen mining restrictions in Bristol Bay for the Pebble mining company. This could have devastating environmental impacts and harm half the world's supply of sockeye salmon. Here is more from the Wild Salmon Center:

"The Pebble Mine could become one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world – right in the headwaters of the greatest wild salmon stronghold we have left on Earth. Up to 60 million sockeye salmon migrate home to Bristol Bay each year, driving a $1.5 billion fishery, feeding local communities and sustaining a healthy wild ecosystem complete with grizzly bears and orca whales.

"The EPA moved to protect Bristol Bay five years ago, but Pebble – a Canadian mining company – sued to stop protections and now has revived the mine with the help of the Trump Administration. The Administration is fast tracking the mine and has just released a draft environmental impact statement that scientists and former agency officials are calling the worst they’ve ever seen. We need your help to halt this shoddy permitting process and send Pebble back to the drawing board."

Comments are open on the mining proposal until July 1. Please leave a comment using the following link:

It is better to comment using your own words, so if you have the time to do so, you should customize the suggested text or use the direct link below:

More information:


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