Boycott Amazon Prime Day!

There are plenty of extremely good reasons to want to send Amazon a message. The only type of message that has any chance of getting through to Amazon is financial, even more so than for most companies. We’re not asking you to give up same day delivery forever, but boycott the only company powerful enough to somehow create its own “holiday” today!

Amazon is responsible for so many terrible things that, whatever your passion, we're confident Amazon is doing something that will upset you.

Here are a just a few:

  • Amazon does not pay its warehouse employees a living wage.

  • Amazon paid zero in Federal income taxes last year.

  • Amazon is complicit with the Trump administration’s criminal family separation policy by furnishing ICE and CBP with facial recognition technology.

ACTION: Support Amazon employees striking on prime day! Don't cross that digital picket line.

Choose whatever motivates you and Boycott Amazon Prime Day!

If that last example we used gets you and you have some time mid day, Join La Resistencia along with Puget Sound Sage today, Monday. July 15 from 12pm-1pm for a rally outside Amazon headquarters as they deliver 200,000 signatures demanding that Amazon refrain from selling facial recognition technology to ICE.

We hope to see you at Amazon Headquarters at noon!

Details Below: