Make Trump Pay for his Bigotry in 2020

This has been a dark week for our country. Trump's racist, xenophobic rallies are designed to whip his supporters up into a frenzy so they will turn out to reelect him. We cannot let him win this way; and we cannot let cowardly Republicans in Congress defend him without any electoral consequences. The stakes are too high.

The good news is that grassroots groups are already leading the way in laying the groundwork to defeat Trump and take back the Senate. While much of the battle will be fought far from Seattle, there are more and more creative ways popping up to help from afar.

Today we have a round-up of actions you can take that are laser-focused focused on 2020. Please pick the action that works best for you, and make Trump pay for his bigotry in 2020:

-DONATE to the new “Get Mitch Or Die Trying” fund to take back the Senate. The money will be divided between the most important Senate races in the country:

-SIGN UP to write five letters to unregistered voters in Swing States from your own home this weekend:

-DONATE to the Movement Voter Big 5 Battleground Fund: the money goes to proven voter mobilization groups on the ground in several key battleground states:

-DONATE to the “Unify Or Die Fund.” With an open primary, Trump has a huge head-start on fundraising. This fund will go to the winner of the Democratic presidential primary:

-SHARE any of these links, or share this whole list of suggestions, with friends and family! The more people pitching in, the better. You could even hold a letter-writing party or informal fundraiser of your own and invite friends who care. If you do, let us know!


Next Resist Trump Tuesday Rally -- County Provided Personal Data to ICE

Tuesday, July 23rd at 11:45 am outside the Henry M. Jackson federal building.

Join us for this week’s Resist Trump Tuesday rally where featured speaker Nina Martinez (Latino Civic Alliance, Board Chair) will explain the recently uncovered scandal that in violation of an explicit County Ordinance, two King County departments have been providing ICE with confidential personal data “putting residents at increased risk of deportation.”

Following our rally from 11:45AM-12:20PM, we will be meeting with Rep. Pramila Jayapal's and Rep. Adam Smith's staff for a Q&A session from 12:30-1:30PM.


TODAY: There is an opportunity to help provide safe passage for visitors to the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center during a militant right-wing protest.

Saturday July 20

11:30 - 4:00

Northwest Detention Center

1623 E J Street, Tacoma, WA, 98421-1615

The South Sound Patriot Alliance is holding a pro-ICE rally at NWDC tomorrow, Saturday, at 1pm. There is concern that they may try to intimidate visiting family members of detainees.

La Resistencia is asking for peaceful, non-confrontational support. The most effective way to support visitors is to claim the space on both sides of the main driveway entrance, so families can avoid walking past any far right gathering.