This July 4, know what you're signing

Today is July 4th and many of us will be out and celebrating, albeit with complicated feelings about the current state of our nation. Also out and about will be people collecting signatures for ballot initiatives – and one of the most effective things we can each do tomorrow is know what we’re being asked to sign. FUSE Washington highlighted two conservative initiatives that have intentionally misleading messaging to confuse liberals into giving their signatures. Remember these initiatives today and don’t be fooled!

ACTION: Be vigilant against regressive initiatives

The two initiatives below are the ones to watch out for today. If you are approached and asked to sign, politely decline!

I-1648: This is another Tim Eyman initiative, which would overturn the progressive tax reforms enacted by the Washington Legislature this spring and put a time limit on future tax reforms.

R-88: This initiative would ban affirmative action, again by overturning progress made by the Washington Legislature this year. The initiative hopes to overturn a ruling, I-1000, that will prevent discrimination in public hiring and public education, and ensure government contracts are awarded fairly. This initiative in particular is using deceptive language that falsely claim that the initiative supports equality.

In addition to being on the watch yourself, consider letting friends and family know about these regressive and misleading initiatives. Share this message or the FUSE link below via email or social media to spread the word!