Hold King County Accountable for ICE Complicity

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ACTION: Hold King County Accountable

With so much going on nationally it is easy to overlook immigration issues going on in our own backyard, but now is an opportunity to take notice and take action. In this past month, two departments in King County – the Sheriff’s Office and the King County Jail – shared unredacted case files with ICE. This happened despite the ordinance that was passed last year expressly forbidding King County officials from sharing information with ICE.

King County claims that these breaches were an oversight due to lack of training, and has already implemented some measures intended to address the issue. However, the fact that such gaps are left more than a year after the ordinance was passed shows that protecting immigrant communities has not been a priority for King County. Call your King County Councilmember, as well as King County Executive Dow Constantine, and tell them to get their priorities straight.

King County Executive Dow Constantine: 206-263-9600, kcexec@kingcounty.gov

King County Councilmember: https://www.kingcounty.gov/council/councilmembers/find_district.aspx


“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m calling from PLACE. I read that the King County Jail and the King County Sheriff’s Office both shared case files with ICE in the last month, despite the ordinance passed last year which makes those actions illegal. This oversight is not acceptable. It shows that King County has not prioritized the safety of its immigrant community. Please fix the gaps in training and any other oversights that contributed to these data breaches, and prioritize immigrant rights in the future by holding King County employees accountable for their actions.”