Fight For Fair Maps From Home

While our eyes were glued to the first Democratic primary debates the other week, the Supreme Court dealt another blow to democracy by barring court intervention in partisan gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the intentional manipulation of voting district boundaries to favor one party over the other. In this case, Republican-controlled legislatures redrew district boundaries to favor Republican candidates and penalize Democratic candidates. This means conservatives will be emboldened to continue to warp the maps so that they can hold on to power even when they lose majority support.

It is now up to us to fight gerrymandering at the grassroots level. The fight goes to the states, where elections will determine who is in power to redraw the maps for the next round of redistricting.

Please choose one of the following actions to pitch in to the gerrymandering fight right from home today:

1. DONATE to one of the following funds if you are able:

The "F*ck Gerrymandering" fund by Crooked Media goes to the key state legislative races in Virginia needed to take back power and draw fairer maps:

This is a similar Virginia fund set up by grassroots groups Flippable and SwingLeft:

Eric Holder's National Democratic Redistricting commmitee is pursuing both electoral and legal remedies to unfair maps across the country:

2. REGISTER VOTERS with VoteForward

Commit to downloading and writing five letters to voters in a crucial state in the redistricting battle. You can do this all from your home with some envelopes, stamps, and a printer. When you choose a campaign, be sure to click on either Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, or Florida!

3. Share

If you are unable to donate or write letters this weekend, please consider sharing the above links with friends and family so that others have an opportunity to jump in the fight.


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