Get Ready for ICE Raids

Official Daily Action for Wednesday July 10, 2019

Sunday, on Face the Nation, Ken Cuccinelli, the new Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said that immigration authorities are ready to identify, detain, and deport 1 MILLION undocumented immigrants. On Monday, President Trump tweeted a similar threat.


It is time to stand with our immigrant neighbors, and protect them from being taken from our communities.

The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) has analyzed the threat and expects targeted raids at workplaces, apartment buildings, and courthouses.

WAISN is offering guides landlords and employers, and training for anyone who wants to volunteer to help protect immigrants.

WAISN Training

Volunteer with WAISN:



Bonus Action

Check your voter registration, and get ready for the August 6 Primary Election:

Events: Lights for Liberty Rallies Friday and Saturday

Friday Night July 12: Lights for Liberty vigils

Join us! Stand Up against Immigrant Detention:

Multiple locations:

Fri July 12th - 7pm Vigil | Occidental Square in Pioneer Square, Seattle

Fri July 12th - 7pm Vigil | Lights for Liberty Location Nearest You * Tacoma Union Station, South Seattle, Pioneer Square, Lower Queen Anne, West Seattle, Mercer Island, Federal Way, Edmonds, Redmond and more...

Lights For Liberty will be holding Friday night vigils around the country from 7- 9 pm to show that we stand in solidarity with immigrants who are under attack by the Trump administration.

* find your location at #LightsforLiberty #EndDetention

Saturday afternoon July 13: Lights on Detained People - NWDC Northwest Detention Center Community Building Picnic

Sat July 13th at 12:30 p.m. | Northwest Detention Center (1623 E Jay St in Tacoma, WA)

At the specific request of those directly impacted, Saturday (July 13) will be a *noisier* Community day of *support* at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma. We need lots of powerful voices so all detained people and any visiting families can hear our support.