By Alex Fayer, Seattle Indivisible Board Member: Protect Asylum Seekers!

As many of you know, I recently traveled to El Paso then on to Juarez on the Mexico side with Palmira Figueroa and Moema Umman. We met with the organizers, lawyers, and organizations attempting to advocate for asylum seekers. We also went to three different shelters in Juarez to meet with the asylum seekers themselves.

One of the shelters we visited, called Respetttrans, was a shelter for queer and trans people. We had dinner at Respetttrans with the people living there, including the twelve people I’m writing this action about. They had all been through a lot, but we had a great dinner. We laughed and told stories. They were full of hope. I played with their cat. (And don’t worry. We brought the dinner!)

Back in El Paso, we also met Allegra Love. She is the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Dreamers Project and the immigration attorney representing the twelve womxn.

Here is the situation.

On Thursday, twelve trans womxn, five of whom are living with HIV, crossed the border in El Paso seeking asylum. They have been processed but, at this point, we do not know where they are being held and their attorney has been unable to obtain any information from the Department of Homeland Security. When I spoke to Allegra, she said she had not even received an email response. Zero communication! Nothing! Nada!

ICE detention and custody is generally hostile and dangerous, even deadly, for transgender people and people living with HIV. I’ve spoken with these womxn. They have been through more than enough trauma and should not be subjected to detention.

Because the womxn have sponsors in the US, they can be released on parole.

ACTION: Hold CBP Accountable!

Call & Email

Customs and Border Patrol, El Paso Public Affairs

Phone: (915)-730-7269


Script for phone call or email

My name is _____ and I am calling/writing to demand that the 12 trans womxn who presented themselves for asylum at the El Paso Port of Entry on August 15 be RELEASED. They came from El Salvador and Honduras and are likely to succeed on their requests for asylum because of the persecution they have suffered and because country conditions in their home countries support their claims. Trans womxn are not safe in Mexico and making them wait leaves them vulnerable to more violence. They are all represented by the Santa Fe Dreamers Project. They all have sponsors, and they must be released to their sponsors now! They all have legal representation, but their attorney has been cut off from communication with them. I insist that they be released and that their legal counsel be contacted immediately.

Here is a direct plea for help from Allegra Love, their attorney:

Thank you,

Alex Fayer


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Seattle Indivisible Meeting - WAISN Rapid Response Training

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This week's Seattle Indivisible meeting will feature an information session and training on the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network's Rapid Response Teams. Learn how you can help our local immigrant community deal with the climate of fear and respond to raids by ICE.