Vote, Vote, Vote, and Comment Again

Make-up Action: Comment to Protect SNAP Benefits

Last weekend we asked you to leave a comment opposing the Trump administration's cuts to SNAP benefits. Many of you reported back to us that the federal register website was down for maintenance that day! It is back up now and we ask anyone who was unable to do so to previously, to leave a comment today.

Background and instructions:

Direct link to leave a comment:

Today’s Action: Vote

Your Washington State primary ballots are due by this Tuesday, August 6th by 8pm. They can be returned by mail with no postage required, or to the nearest drop-box. If your ballot has been sitting on the table for a while, now is the time to go fill it in! There are important city and county-level races happening right now that you can have an impact on.

If you need help deciding who to vote for, we highly recommend the Fuse Progressive Voters Guide, which not only makes its own endorsements but aggregates other endorsements from newspapers, unions, NGO's and more:

Here are instructions for if you've lost or damaged your ballot. You can still vote!

If you have already returned your ballot, your suggested action for today is to remind your friends and family to get theirs in.


Good News:

We hope these pieces of good local news will help lift your Trump-era spirits:

Washington State Democrats have elected Rep. Laurie Jinkins as the first woman to be speaker of the House of Representatives:

Thanks in part to the efforts of a local Indivisible activist and mother, Seattle Public Schools is reforming its dress code to reduce body shaming and gendered double-standards:

Governor Inslee is instructing the Department of Licensing to include a nonbinary option for gender identification on licenses (pending a public comment period):