Tell Your Car Manufacturer to Meet California Emissions Standards

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The Environmental Protection Agency under Trump wants to weaken existing greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards by finalizing their regulatory rollback this fall. Auto manufacturers have objected to Trump administration weakening of existing standards for the past several months, surprisingly, in part because even if Federal standards are loosened, state standards will still hold automakers to a higher standard of emissions, resulting in costly legal battles and other higher costs for automakers.

Auto manufacturers are still objecting to the rule changes, and you can help move them along!

As of today, California and six major auto manufacturers have signed an Memorandum of Understanding agreeing on greenhouse gas standards that will reduce emissions and save fuel. The holdouts are Toyota, Chrysler and General Motors (which includes Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac)—do you own any of their products? If so, please email them from their “contact us” links on their websites.

Example email:

"I currently own a [car model/brand]. I have been a loyal [brand] customer since [date]. Why have you not signed on to the fuel efficiency pact with California and Canada like Ford, Honda and other leaders in the auto industry? Failure to do so shows a disregard for our environment and your customers. If every car company signs with California there will be one National Fuel Economy standard and it will save consumers money. If the EPA is successful in weakening the standards by finalizing its SAFE rule, it will cost consumers more money in fuel and create more climate-changing emissions. As a loyal customer, I urge you to sign with California to protect consumers and the planet. Failure to do so will mean my next vehicle will not be a [brand]."



GM Brands:

If you do not own a car, please share the action with friends! As a bonus, you can also tweet at at them, or call your representatives on this issue as we have suggested in another recent daily action on this issue:




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Phonebank Training w/ Puget Sound's Progressive Coalition

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