Comment on Comments: Save Transparency in National Forest Management

Trump has vast executive power as president, but that power is tempered by laws requiring federal agencies to consider public input and public impact when making decisions that affect people's lives. That is why we have asked you to submit public comments on proposed rule changes so many times before.

This time, we need you to comment in favor of public comments themselves. The U.S Forest Service is proposing broad limitations on environmental review and consideration of public comments in their decision-making process. More projects will be fast-tracked, and more "categorical exclusions" will be used to bypass full environmental studies. According to a New York Times editorial:

"The United States Forest Service’s most important job is balancing the many needs and uses of the 193 million acres of public land it manages. But the Trump administration is preparing to abandon the process that makes it possible, eliminating public participation from the overwhelming majority of decisions affecting our national forests. If the Forest Service has its way, visitors won’t know what’s coming until logging trucks show up at their favorite trailheads or a path for a gas pipeline is cleared below a scenic vista."

This move will fast-track Trump's ability to give federal land over to industrial interests, to the detriment of our health and environment. Please leave a public comment to oppose this rule change by clicking the following link and following the instructions:

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Next Resist Trump Tuesday Rally: TEENS SPEAK UP

Tuesday August 13th at 11:45AM, outside the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building

Teens with Kids4Peace will run the show at this week's Resist Trump Tuesday. They want to share the angst, anger, stress and passion they feel as they come of age in this divisive and scary environment. Come listen, and hear directly from the future generation what they think and feel, and their call to action.

Following our 11:45AM rally, we will go inside and meet with Senators Murray's and Cantwell's staff from 12:30-1:30PM for a Q&A session. Join us. We need your voice!

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