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Last week the Supreme Court of the United States sentenced thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands, to untold suffering and death.

This was not covered adequately in the news, so here is a quick re

On July 16, AG Barr issued a rule designed specifically to limit who would be eligible for asylum here in the US. The rule states that if you pass through another country on your way to the US, you are ineligible for asylum here unless you have requested and been denied asylum from a third country. To be clear, this rule change would make almost all people seeking asylum at our southern border ineligible.

The Immigration and Nationality Act states that anyone “who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States” may apply for asylum regardless of status or whether they entered through a designated port of entry.

Because Barr’s rule ran afoul of federal law and rested on assertions with no basis in reality, US District Judge Jon S. Tigar, issued a preliminary injunction and blocked the rule on July 24 on a temporary basis pending litigation.

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court stayed the preliminary injunction prior to the original court case even being heard! This is extraordinarily rare. This allows nationwide enforcement of this cruel policy.

“To put it a different way, while figuring out if it is legal to categorically deny asylum protection to persecuted people, the Supreme Court, rather than err on the side of protecting them, has decided to put hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in an objectively dangerous situation where they will die. People are going to die. They will die. They will die. They will die.”

Allegra Love - Executive Director of Santa Fe Dreamers Project

Since our government no longer ensures the legal right to asylum, that shifts the responsibility to ordinary people like us. Whether or not there is a legal right to asylum, we have a moral duty to not repeat mistakes from our very recent past, like what happened during WW II, when the U.S. turned away ships full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

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