Attend Migration and Climate Events

Official Daily Action for Wednesday September 18, 2019

Today's action is a bit of a change from our usual phone calls. We have two important and exciting events in town this week: Tonight "Migration an Act of Courage" brings first person accounts from the border, and Friday Seattle will participate in the global Climate Strike. Let's get out to them! And let's make sure that our students in Seattle can come out to the youth-led Climate Strike on Friday.

EVENT TONIGHT: Migration an Act of Courage

Sept 18, 6PM
First Church Seattle, 180 Denny Way, Seattle

Join a community gathering of families, allies, organizers, and activists to celebrate our common humanity, and find out about the realities at the border, the intersections with our local work, the defense needed around raids, and how to be an accomplice to folks on the ground nationally, and locally.

EVENT FRIDAY: Climate Strike

  • 9-12pm Climate Justice Fest @ Cal Anderson Park

  • 12-1pm March from Cal Anderson to City Hall

  • 1-3pm Youth-led rally for climate justice @ City Hall

On Sept. 20, millions around the world are joining student climate strikers in the streets -- demanding climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels.

Seattle's #ClimateStrike is a full day of youth-led action, including a peaceful march and powerful rally at City Hall. Before the march, we’ll gather at Cal Anderson Park for Climate Justice Fest: an interactive, family-friendly space for everyone to learn, skill-up, play and plug in to the movement.

ACTION: Ask the Seattle School Board to excuse students from school on Friday for the Climate Strike

email the Seattle School Board:

Contact the Superintendent:

Sample Script:

I'm a Seattle resident, and I support the youth-led climate movement. Students in Seattle Puplic Schools shouldn't have to worry about being disciplined in order to stand up for their futures and the environment.

Please follow the lead of New York and other school districts, and make attending the Climate Strike, with parental permission, an excused absence.