Two Actions to Protect Our Elections

Our elections are not secure – the technology we use is out of date, systems are underfunded, and time is running out for us to do anything about it. According to Senator Wyden (D-OR) we have until the end of October to pass legislation that will have a meaningful impact by the 2020 national election. That’s why the House passed a spending bill containing $600 million for election security efforts. As of Tuesday, Republicans removed this allocation from the Senate version of the spending bill. Part of their argument is that states still have not used all of the $380 million that was allocated to them last year for election security. The states were given until 2023 to use all of that money.

So today we have a two-pronged action: Call our senators and tell them to fight for election security funding, and email Governor Inslee to encourage him to implement necessary election security measures in our state.

ACTION 1: Fund Election Security

Senator Patty Murray: DC - 202-224-2621 Seattle - 206-553-5545

Senator Maria Cantwell: DC - 202-224-3441 Seattle - 206-220-6400


“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [PLACE]. I’d like to urge [Senator] to fight to keep $600 million for election security funding in the Senate spending bill. Time is running out for us to make an impact on election security by the 2020 national election – so please do everything you can to ensure that states get the funding they need to protect our democracy.”


ACTION 2: One-Click Email to Governor Inslee, and Share with Out-of-State Friends!

The link below allows you to email Governor Inslee with only one click, to ask what improvements Washington has made to election security and encourage him to take steps to ensure that every vote has a paper record, every machine-counted result can be double-checked, and every precint’s machines are up to date and secure:

For extra credit: Share this link with friends and family in other states to increase our reach - it will allow them to send an email to there governors with one click!

EVENT TOMORROW, 9/20: Climate Strike

9-12pm Climate Justice Fest @ Cal Anderson Park

12-1pm March from Cal Anderson to City Hall

1-3pm Youth-led rally for climate justice @ City Hall

On Sept. 20, millions around the world are joining student climate strikers in the streets -- demanding climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels.

Seattle's #ClimateStrike is a full day of youth-led action, including a peaceful march and powerful rally at City Hall. Before the march, we’ll gather at Cal Anderson Park for Climate Justice Fest: an interactive, family-friendly space for everyone to learn, skill-up, play and plug in to the movement.

EVENT SATURDAY, 9/21: Protest Lauren Ingraham and the Freedom Foundation

Bellevue Hyatt

5:30 PM

The extreme anti-union Freedom Foundation continues to push the boundaries into the fringes. They've invited white supremacist and Fox News talking head Laura Ingraham as the keynote for their annual dark-money fundraiser.

The Bellevue Hyatt has received hundreds of emails asking them to cancel Ingraham's appearance, but has taken no action. So come out to protest and tell the Freedom Foundation and the Hyatt Regency Bellevue that hate has no place in Washington State.

Facebook event:

Event link: