Support Washington, D.C. Statehood – House Hearings this week

Back in July we had a Daily Action to support legislation that would provide statehood-level protections and representation for residents of Washington, D.C. Last week the House of Representatives held hearings on H.R.51, The Washington D.C. Admission Act. This bill was introduced by D.C.'s nonvoting Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, and there are 221 co-sponsors, including both Washington Representatives Smith and Jayapal.

Washington, D.C.'s residents pay federal taxes and are subjects to all U.S. laws, but they do not have Senators or a Representative in Congress to represent them on legislation that affects them and all U.S. citizens and residents. They have no voice in Congress that specifically represents them.

Did you know? Washington, D.C. has about 700,000 residents, which is about the same number of residents as Seattle – but more residents than the entire state of Wyoming (approximately 500,000 residents), and comparable to Alaska (about 700,000 residents).

Let's speak up again for Washington, D.C. to become a state.

It's the weekend, but we can leave voicemail for our lawmakers, or we can email our opinions through their contact links.


“Hello, I’m [NAME] from [CITY]. I am [calling/emailing] today to express my support for H.R.51, The Washington DC Admission Act. Please speak up for statehood for Washington, D.C. in this week's House hearings. Thank you.”

Additional information:

"Congress holds first DC statehood hearing in 25 years" (NBC News),

H.R.51 - Washington, D.C. Admission Act,



Tuesday, Sept. 24, 11:45 am-1:30 pm - Resist Trump Tuesday Rallies (2nd & 4th Tuesdays):

At the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 2nd Avenue. The outdoor rally is followed by a meeting inside the Federal Building with staffers from our lawmakers' offices.


Tuesday, Sept. 17, 7:00 pm – Seattle Indivisible Meeting (1st & 3rd Tuesdays):

At the Washington State Labor Council in the Central District, 321 16th Avenue. This meeting venue is wheelchair-accessible, and can be reached by King County Metro buses 7, 14, 27, and 106, and the First Hill Streetcar.