Write Five Letters to Voters in Virginia

Can you write a few letters for democracy this weekend? As the impeachment showdown continues, we shouldn't take our eye off of some critical races taking place around the country. In Virginia, the state House of Delegates is only four seats away from flipping blue this November - a change that could improve voting rights, health care access, and determine how congressional districts are drawn for the next decade.

We encourage you to channel your impeachment energy into writing five (or more!) letters to Virginia voters this weekend in order to boost turnout in this critical election. You can do it all from home with your computer, a printer, and some stamps and envelopes! The grassroots progressive organization SwingLeft has set an ambitious goal of writing 150,000 letters to Virginia voters by the end of October. Let's help them.

To get started, follow this link to register and/or sign in, and then select the Virginia 2019 campaign when your account is approved:


Seattle Indivisible has thrown letter-writing parties before using this tool, so if you have any questions about how it works feel free to reply to us at daily-action@seattleindivisible.com.

If you don't have the bandwidth for writing this weekend, as an alternative action you can share this letter-writing campaign and/or support two of the critical candidates in this race with the following donation links (thanks to our friends at Sister District Puget Sound!):