(Deadline Sept. 6) Restore Washington State Overtime Rights

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has announced a rule change that would increase the number of salaried workers eligible for overtime. Under the new rule, if you make a salary of less than $70,000 a year, your employer will owe you time and a half for every hour you work over 40 hours a week. Today, only 7% of salaried workers qualify for overtime. In the 1970s, over 60% qualified. This new rule would restore the balance.

The new rule must pass a comment period before being implemented, and big corporate lobbying groups are doing everything they can to use this period to kill the rule in order to avoid higher costs to them. Let's counteract the corporate lobbyists and show that the majority of Washingtonians support fair labor practices by leaving our own comments.

ACTION: Leave a Comment to Support the Overtime Protections in WA

The deadline for submitting comments in support of the L&I proposed rule to restore overtime protections is this Friday, Sept. 6. Civic Action has set up a one-click web form for you to submit a comment of support, or you can email comments to EAPrules@Lni.wa.gov. Please take a moment to submit your comments in support of the rule TODAY!

Link to leave comment: http://civic-ventures.com/restore-overtime/#post_form_explaination





Don't forget! We will be hosting an event, the #DefundHate rally, at our regular Resist Trump Tuesday rally next week, September 10, at 11:45 am. See full announcement below.


RSVP: https://act.indivisible.org/event/local-actions/146961/

If you cannot make it to the rally, you can livestream it from our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/seattleindivisible


#DefundHate Rally

Come join Seattle Indivisible at our #DefundHate rally. The #DefundHate campaign seeks to pressure Congress during its September appropriations process to defund the agencies and systems being used by the Trump administration to carry out violence against our immigrant community. From caging children, families and adults at the border, to launching raids that rip people away from homes where they’ve lived years or even decades, to attempting to illegally block asylum, it’s clear that the Trump administration has focused its resources on maximizing harm to immigrant communities. Congress must fight the atrocities Trump is committing at the southern border and throughout this country by cutting funding for the agencies being used to carry out these abuses-- Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Defunding ICE and CBP, and implementing safeguards to prevent Trump from stealing funds for these agencies from hurricane relief and other emergency resources, is the best route to blocking the implementation of Trump’s horrifying anti-immigrant agenda. Come Tuesday and learn the best tactics to pressure Congress to #DefundHate.

Immediately following our 11:45 am rally, as we regularly do on Resist Trump Tuesday, we will be meeting with Senator Murray’s and Senator Cantwell’s staff from 12:30-1:30 pm to let them know how we want them to DefundHate, and afterward, for a Q&A session on whatever topic you want to raise with your senators.

Seattle Indivisible hosts Resist Trump Tuesday informative rallies with live music at the Seattle Federal Building on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, immediately followed by meetings with Senate staff on the 2nd Tuesday and with House member staff on the 4th Tuesday. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend—please join us, we need your voice!