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Community Summit: #FreedomForImmigrants with Gov. Inslee

This event is invite only.  The reason for the Facebook event is to keep you informed as we hope to make real progress and positive change for ALL immigrants here in Washington State. 

This event has two goals.  Governor Jay Inslee has agreed to meet with our coalition. Our demands are clear.  We hope to make some news.  Stay tuned...

In addition, because the federal government has no moral compass our coalition believes it's more important than ever to to show immigrants and the rest of the country our values. 

We value diversity, compassion, integrity, honesty, empathy for all and believe our nation should aspire to be something greater. 

We will join with refugees, those granted asylum, and immigrants from all over the world to celebrate the values we cherish. Let's end the zero tolerance policy that has criminalized black and brown bodies and has created the crisis of family separation we have today #FreedomForImmigrants