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RESIST TRUMP TUESDAY-Endeavour Capital, Say No To Hate!

  • Henry M. Jackson Federal Building 915 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA, 98174 United States (map)

Endeavour Capital: Respect Our Rights, Say No to Hate!

About: Endeavour Capital is a Pacific Northwest-based private equity firm with an office in downtown Seattle. One of their repeat limited partner investors is the Murdock Charitable Trust, which has given millions of dollars to extremist groups that campaign against LGBTQI rights, promote “gay conversion therapy,” provide false medical information to women seeking reproductive health services, and use aggressive and misleading tactics to undermine public employee unions. Endeavour also invests in companies like Aladdin Bail Bonds, which profits from our unjust cash bail system, and New Seasons, which called in union busting consultants to intimidate their employees in Portland.

Join Seattle Indivisible, women’s organizations, LGBTQI activists, and workers as we demand that Endeavour Capital and their portfolio companies respect our rights and stop enriching the Murdock Charitable Trust.

More information:

The Murdock Trust has donated $975,000 to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)
The ADF defends LGBTQ conversion therapy
The ADF fights against marriage equality
The ADF promotes anti-transgender discrimination bills nationally, including the “bathroom bills”
The ADF represents plaintiffs like Masterpiece Cakeshop - arguing for legalized discrimination against LGBTQ customers

The Murdock Trust has donated $1,547,200 to fund “pregnancy crisis centers”
These centers pose as legitimate medical or counseling clinics, but exist to prevent women from accessing abortion services
NARAL Pro-Choice America has asked for the boycott and defunding of these clinics

The Murdock Trust has donated $765,000 to the Freedom Foundation
The Freedom Foundation seeks to eliminate paid sick leave and opposes minimum wage increases for low-wage workers.
The Freedom Foundation staff publicly opposed the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage arguing that it is a “threat to personal freedom.”
The Freedom Foundation quotes in their blog “doom-and-gloom scenarios about climate change are based on a combination of political agendas and junk science.”
The Freedom Foundation’s staff consistently attacks Planned Parenthood, calling them a “radical social organization” and a “baby killing, body-part brokering, government money consuming machine.

About Resist Trump Tuesday:
We rally in front of the Federal Bldg every week 11:45AM-12:30pm time then go inside to meet with Sen. Murray's and Sen. Cantwell's staff from 12:30-1:30PM.

Seattle Indivisible hosts Resist Trump Tuesday every week, and we have been rallying since Trump became president. We have informed speakers, live music and an opportunity every week to talk to your senators' staffers. Please join us--we need your voice!