Seattle Indivisible is a grassroots, entirely volunteer-run group that leverages the work of the Indivisible Guide. We have several teams who contribute in different ways to accomplish our goal: Influence our representatives to resist racism, authoritarianism, and corruption, and promulgate progressive values.



Group Action

The Group Action team is where the rubber meets the road. The Group Action team emails daily actions and organizes rallies, marches, protests and town halls with our members of Congress. The other Seattle Indivisible teams provide critical support to Group Action so that our events are as well organized and impactful as they can be. For more information, or to volunteer, email group-action@seattleindivisible.com.



The Communications team plans, creates, and shares social media content, handles press relations, including press releases and media contacts, and writes website content. For more information, or to volunteer, email communications@seattleindivisible.com.


News Monitoring

The News Monitoring team tracks the latest statements, positions and activities of our members of Congress, including how they intend to vote on bills in the House and Senate. For more information, or to volunteer, email news-monitoring@seattleindivisible.com.


Congressional Tracking

The Congressional Tracking team develops a database of information on the voting record of each member of Congress and keeps track of when they will hold events in our district. For more information, or to volunteer, email congressional-office-tracking@seattleindivisible.com.



The Art team generates graphic design, photo, video, music, performance, drawing, painting, and craftivism assets for use across all print, online and live event channels. For more information, or to volunteer, email art@seattleindivisible.com


Outreach & Inclusion

The Outreach & Inclusion team works with community groups, other Indivisible groups, and groups or organizations that are working on the state and local level.  For more information, or to volunteer, email outreach-inclusion@seattleindivisible.com.


Technology & Security

The Technology & Security team develops and improves technologies, including our website, email service, and program management tools, and helps address the physical security and cybersecurity of our members. For more information, or to volunteer, email technology@seattleindivisible.com