Everyone should have received their ballots for Washington's general election by now. You have until November 7 to fill it in, but don't wait until then!

Haven't Received Your Ballot?

If you haven't received your ballot, check with King County Elections:

Want to Mail In Your Ballot?

It only needs one First Class stamp!

Don't Want to Mail in your Ballot?

There are several free ballot drop boxes that you can also use:

Eligible to Vote in Washington, but Not Registered To Vote Yet?

If you're not yet registered, you can still vote - new voters can register in person, up to October 30 at the King County Elections office in Renton or the King County Voter Registration Annex in the King County Administration building downtown. See here for hours and directions:

Other Questions?

Let us know by email, we'll find out the answer, and add it here: