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News Videos

VIDEO: Demonstrators take aim at repeal and replace

—K5 News, September 25th 2017

VIDEO: Seattle Protesters Float Over to the Mega-Yacht of Robert Mercer, Patron of Trump, Bannon, and Breitbart

—The Stranger SLOG, September 7th 2017

VIDEO: Citizen University TV: Case Study—Indivisible

—Seattle Channel, May 17th 2017

VIDEO: volunteers protect Muslims while performing prayer in the streets of Seattle

—Al Jazeera, March 17th 2017 (footage of "Pray In and Speak Out" solidarity event starts at 0:33)

Print Media

Resistance movement: ‘Use every tool’

—The Seattle Times, January 30th 2018

Seattle-area protests planned in case Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller

—The Seattle Times, December 24th 2017

Mercer Island woman to tour state urging health care sign-ups

—KOMO News, October 31st 2017

Local activists rally to save ACA from Senate repeal

—KOMO News, September 25th 2017

Wall Street Tycoon Who Funds Trump and Breitbart Still Has Yacht Docked in Seattle; Kayaktivists to Protest Tonight

—The Stranger SLOG, September 5th 2017

DACA: They trusted us

—Seattle Times, September 5th 2017

Health-care worries loom large as Sen. Maria Cantwell holds town hall

—The Seattle Times, July 8th 2017

Sen. Cantwell to host town halls; other lawmakers still stay away

—Q13 Fox, July 5th 2017

Sen. Maria Cantwell bows to pressure, sets town-hall events in Seattle area

—The Seattle Times, July 4th 2017

Jayapal to Headline Save Our Democracy Activist Fair

—Capitol Hill Times, February 25th 2017

Hundreds come together for a town hall, despite elected officials unable to attend 

—Q13 Fox, February 25th 2017

Town-hall avoiders include Democratic Sens. Murray and Cantwell, too 

—The Seattle Times - February 25th 2017

Guest Editorial: Murray, Cantwell Owe Us Stronger Resistance to Trump Agenda

—The Stranger SLOG, February 24th 2017

Indivisible: Constituent Organized Town Hall

—The Stranger, February 23rd 2017

Indivisible Seattle: The Local Group Opposing Trump’s Agenda

—KBCS, February 17th 2017

Understanding "White Privilege"

—Capitol Hill Times, February 15th 2017

What Does Resistance Look Like? For These Americans, It’s Lobbying Their Senators Every Week on #ResistTrumpTuesday

—The Stranger SLOG, January 25th 2017